Settling Your Differences

Family Court mediation is facilitated decision-making process designed to enable Parties to a family conflict, such as divorce or separation, negotiate their own agreements regarding property settlement, child support and parenting, alimony and other contested issues.

Mediation of contested issues is required by the Family Courts in all counties in South Carolina prior to going to a final hearing. The process of mediation is conducted by a neutral mediator whose job it is to assist the Parties in making their own decisions. While the mediator may be an attorney, he / she will not be acting as attorney for either Party to the dispute.

Mediation is confidential. Nothing said during the mediation can be later used in a trial proceeding nor can it be disclosed by any of the Parties to the mediation, including the mediator. The mediator cannot be called into the courtroom to testify as to anything that occurred during the mediation.

Carol A. Johnson, Esquire, is a certified South Carolina Family Court Mediator. She provides mediation services to clients in Anderson, Pickens and Oconee counties.

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