Special Needs Advocate

Through educational seminars for the public (at OLLI and NAMI) or other attorneys (through the SC Bar Association and Columbia University in NYC), Carol Johnson Law Firm, P. A., has a history of advocating for the disabled and their caregivers. Due to early awareness of the potential dangers to disabled individuals who lose key caregiving family members, the Firm has developed Special Needs Planning that goes far beyond the drafting of a special needs trust for the disabled individual.

Special Needs Planning includes a properly drafted and executed trust for the protection of the assets of the disabled individual; a care-giving transition team, who will step in to care for the individual after the primary caregiver is gone; and, a Letter of Intent from the primary caregiver, giving valuable information to help make the caregiving transition easier for the disabled individual.

If you have a special needs family member, it is critical to their continued eligibility for much-needed government benefits that estate planning is properly done. Too often, disabled individuals receive inheritances or life insurance proceeds from well-meaning family members only to find their government benefits have been jeopardized.

Proper planning is key to making sure the transition between caregivers and proper transfer of inherited assets happens smoothly. The Firm will educate you as to the various options that are available for Special Needs Plans and help you to develop and implement the one that will most benefit your disabled loved one.

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