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General Civil matters, business, real estate, contracts and closings;

Providing comprehensive representation to estate and wealth management clients frequently entails engaging in civil legal services such as real estate sales and acquisitions; providing transactional support for legacy business clients, including applicable sales and environmental regulations - all things related to estate and wealth management.

Advocating for disabled individuals and their families:

Advocating for the Elderly & Disabled:

As we get older, too often we can become prey for those who would take advantage of us. Fraudulent phone schemes and email scams against the elderly are on the rise, according to reports from Attorneys General across the country. The best offense is always a good defense against financial crimes of opportunity. Setting up a secure Trust account to protect assets or a Special Needs Trust, in case of disability, is one of the best way to secure your assets. Ask how a Revocable or Special Needs Trusts can be used to protect your legacy.

Estate-planning and Wealth Management:

Call today to discuss your estate-planning goals!

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